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Shade Mismatch

Shade Mismatch

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Shade mismatch that can occur after bleaching the teeth and having a crown that matched the old shade present on the front teeth.

Crowns and Veneers

Temporary crowns

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Temporary crowns

Ceramic Onlays

Fractured tooth

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Fractured tooth with cavity removed



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Pt with old un-stabilized dentures in place - the denture is not stable enough to even keep the lips forward in a normal position.

Anterior Implant and Crown


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Anterior Implant and Crown Before

Bridge for Crooked


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Genetics play a large role in the design of our teeth. This patient had lived with a crooked front tooth for many many years.

Implants and Bridge


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By supplying this patient with a lower implant and upper bridge, we were able to restore his smile to the beauty that it originally contained (and give him an incentive to smile a little bigger!)

Single Tooth Implant


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hen we are left with an open space of where a tooth used to be, we have a few options of how to fill it.

Crown and Whitening


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With a crown, several composite fillings, and a whitening system to fix visually unappealing teeth and restore functionality, we transformed this smile into something to really smile about!

Anterior Bonding

final MR

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Often cavities come in groups and require a lot of work to fix. Sometimes this can be accomplished through simple bonding procedures for a great result though

Sedation Extraction and Immediate Dentures


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Sometimes life and neglect take a hard toll on teeth, in this case all of this lady's teeth were compromised.



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Veneers are a cosmetic solution to achieving the beautiful smile that you desire. This lady came to us with a very ill fitting set.

Factured Tooth

fractured initial

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Initial: This patient had broken his tooth and didn't know if we could do ANYTHING to help

Hidden Damage

smile initial

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This patient could only smile like this

Periodontal Disease

Scaling and Root Planing Before

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Neglecting your cleanings can lead to a great deal of bacterial "coral reefs" of bacteria that damage gums and bone around the teeth


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