As I write this we are discussing some very exciting developments in bone grafting in Atlanta right now. Why is bone grafting exciting? Because it is necessary for the proper placement of implants – especially immediate implants- which are the most stable replacement we have found for missing and severely damaged teeth. With the new advances in grafting and biologic enhancement we can put back what has been lost better than we thought possible a few decades ago. Dr. Orr and the Winchester Family Dentistry team are excited about bringing to Franklin County.

Today Dr.Orr is in Atlanta learning about risks and benefitsof implants and the

 predictability of the surgeries.  When this course is complete it represent over 300

hours of continuing education this year.  What we are currently discussing is the

growing body of evidence that implants should almost always be grafted.  This is in

addition to the grafting of extraction sites where teeth have been removed to

preserve the bone.  This more conservative approach, although more involved and

taking more time, is more predictable and provides a better long term result.

Garrett Orr, DDS is pleased to announce the opening of Winchester Family Dentistry located at 1741 Bypass Road in Winchester, TN.  This practice was previously owned by Jim Hardison, DDS, who is now retired.  Winchester Family Dentistry offers a comprehensive scope of general, preventive, restorative, and cosmetic dental care for the whole family. 

Orr graduated from the University of Tennessee at Knoxville in 2004 with a bachelor degree in Biochemistry and Molecular and Cellular Biology.  In 2008, he graduated with the Maxillofacial Pathology Award from dental school at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center in Memphis, TN.  Orr then accepted an Air Force scholarship and completed his advanced education in general dentistry residency and training in conscious sedation. 

 Says Orr, “What most attracted me to the field of dentistry is that I wanted a profession that combined the hands-on esthetics of art with true medical science. I also wanted a career that could be useful in the mission field and would integrate well with a family.”  During dental school Orr was involved in team missions to El Salvador and Macedonia through the Christian Medical Dental Association   While stationed as a general dentist at Vandenberg Air Force Base on the central California coast, he was Chief of the Dental Support and Dental Lab Elements, Dental Forensics Officer, Triage Team Officer for the Medical Group’s Decontamination Unit, Dental Education Officer, Communication Task Force Leader, and Vice Dental Flight Commander.  

Orr and his wife, Marijo, have three children and reside in Winchester.  For more information about Winchester Family Dentistry, please call 931.967.4143.





I love this website! The Dental practice is pretty good too, you should really go check it out!
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